Currently Walter de Gressi’s firm employs a team of five architects and its professional activity concentrates mainly on the following areas:

  • Interior design of private houses, offices,
    shops and museum exhibitions
  • The design of new housing for private
    and industrial buildings
  • The renovation of private and industrial buildings
  • Urban and regional planning, feasibility studies

Our style formally pursues the creation of sustainable spaces that blend with the surrounding environment, dissolving the barriers between inside spaces and the exterior.
The human being and its psychophysical and spiritual well-being are the main focus of our architectural research, respecting the environment and our interaction with it.
Over the last years our architectural design has also focused on using materials and technologies that save energy.

As an experienced firm we assist our clients through out all the stages of a project. From the first draft to the final construction.
When a foreign Client is interested in buying a prestigious real estate in Italy we also offer consultancy services regarding technical and urban matters.
Cooperating with the Client and understanding his/her needs is the key aspect to development of our projects.
We strongly believe that a good project comes from the synergy between the customer’s needs and our planning and aesthetic research.
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